Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MORE snow!

Maybe our reservoirs will be adequately filled this year!

By 8:00 this morning, there was plenty of snow to give Tad a workout shoveling - and it's still really coming down now at 4:45 this afternoon! Here are some pics - Tad the man...

My lilac and rose bush are totally flocked - cool!

Our back yard just waiting for kids to dive in....

Tad's out shoveling again and he cut a little path in the back on the sidewalk to the deck - you can see how much this storm has dropped on each side of his path. He measured 16 inches!

Earlier, we saw some poor lady in a Cadillac trying to use our driveway to turn around. She barely made it! This is after Tad shoveled! It took her three tries to use the slope of our gutter for momentum! Our junky old four-wheel-drive Jeep doesn't seem so bad a ride today!

Let it Snow!

Wow, has it been snowing here!

We had a white Christmas, followed by a white New Year, and snowy days ever since. Here are some pics of our snow fun. On Dec. 30, Tad helped the boys build a snow fort around our swingset. We had some pretty icicles at sunset.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hi all! Welcome to my new means of keeping in touch! It's a new year and boy, is my to-do list long for 2008!

We want to fix up a nursery for our new baby girl due in May and also make some changes in Ben and Ethan's room. The biggest to-do is scrapbooking. Ben is 7 years old, Ethan is 3, and I haven't done anything yet! You could say I'm 10 years behind! It's gotta get caught up before kid #3 shows up! Aaaaah! This pregnancy has been a tougher one, so let's see how much I can do.

Sorry to everyone for our not sending Christmas cards out last month, I wasn't feeling very well when it was time to be getting photos and a Christmas card is so much cooler with a photo, so we never sent any. Hopefully this blog can give a better update on us anyway.

We tried on Thanksgiving to get just a snapshot of our little fam, but neither Tad nor I loved the pics. We had Brooke take them outside and it was just too cold - we all lost our patience really fast. I've posted a couple of them anyway, they're the most recent. Brooke takes good pics, usually, but I decided my camera wasn't very good. Thank goodness Taddy gave me a sweet fancy new camera for Christmas! The pics should get better from here on! Until next post!