Friday, August 1, 2008

Studio Photos

Katie was blessed in church this last Sunday, her daddy gave her a beautiful blessing. Thanks to all who came. She looked so pretty in her little dress, I just had to get her and the boys into the studio for a sitting. Here's what we came home with...

Studio Pics

Hey! A couple recent items of note -

First, Katie is smiling all the time now, so cute!

Then there's this..

Ethan asked me if he could play with Play-Doh and I groaned an "Oh alright". Usually, he just wants to play with the containers, stacking them and such. This time, he actually wanted to get the stuff out. He was occupied for a while, then said, "I made Lightning McQueen! Come see Lightning McQueen's teeth!"

It took me a secoond to respond and walk across the kitchen and when I did, I couldn't believe the cuteness!

This is what he'd made....

It's a lumpy little car, but he's only three! It's such good 3-D representation!