Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello, all!

It's been a month, and here I am, finally posting our Halloween pics. We had a great one this year! Ben was Obi Wan Kenobi and Ethan was Lightning McQueen.

Even I dressed up for the first time in eleven years! I splurged, dressing as something I would have as a child if I'd had the budget - a princess! Cinderella, to be specific. I've shopped Cinderella costumes the last two years, thinking it would be fun, but the ones available are NOT true to the Disney Cinderella. Even the official Disney adult costumes really miss the mark. I knew that to do it right, I'd have to have one made. I decided it would be my birthday present - Tad was off the hook for anything else! The costume was sewn by a great seamstress who did Brooke's bridesmaid dresses.

All month, I so looked forward to greeting the little girl trick-or-treaters as Cinderella. It was AWESOME! My one neighbor's little two-year-old was entirely convinced I was the real deal. She told my next-door neighbor that "Cinderelli lives there". She even came back to see me a second time, waving and saying "Goodbye, Cinderelli!" all the way down the driveway. I was asked to pose for pics, and a couple girls studied me intently, making sure I had all the
details right. It was a hoot.
Here are the pics...

And look, glass slippers!

The earrings were a lucky find - I LOVE eBay!

Brooke and Alan were awesome as rednecks. Brooke got EVERY
detail on the money. Notice the sports bra showing at the neckline
of the mumu. And the strangely penciled-on eyebrows, and the
bleach-blonde root grow-out (yikes, sometimes I look like that!),
and the banana clip. She would've been awesome even
without the (real) pregnant belly!

And for the grand finale, Cynthia as the cutest little bumble bee I ever saw......

Friday, October 24, 2008

Disneyland October '08

Here we are at the castle on a hot, sunny October 18th.
We couldn't have asked for better weather.

Ethan and Hadley loved Minnie Mouse's house. The dishwasher and oven do some pretty cool tricks!

Toon Town is so surreal!

Brother Bear and Chip & Dale joined us for breakfast.

I think we rode just about every ride they have!
Ethan loved Big Thunder Mountain in the daytime - put his hands up a lot and then wouldn't want to get off. In the night it was a little different. A little too scary in the dark!
The kid in the orange is Tad's cousin, Jake.

Katie was an angel for the whole trip. Only complained when she had a legitimate reason.

I wasn't quite right after the Teacup ride. Whoowaahh!

The new Nemo ride is amazing. I just wish they hadn't put
the angler fish in it, those are dang scary!
Ethan was loving it until that part!
Too many of the kid rides have really disturbing elements in them.

You can't see him, but E is on the Dumbo ride and loving it.

Halloween is a fun time to do Disneyland, though I think the throngs of Utahns we saw there rules out U.E.A for us in the future. Too crowded on a weekend, too. The Haunted Mansion was all Halloweened-up with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

Ben can't resist the water fountains at The Bug's Life land in California Adventure.

Our hotel (The Grand Californian) had a great pool.
Ethan loves a good toss from Daddy or Grampa.

In the SLC airport as we arrived home, Ethan found
a faster way to get around. Cling-on carry-on.

Summer Recap - Flaming Gorge '08

Here's a bunch of pics from our good times at the Gorge in August.

Here's our Ethan (or just E, as we often call him). He is quite the water baby. Jumps in and kicks around like a frog. It just comes second nature to him. When we watched the Olympic swimmers this summer, he'd go nuts with envy, making us promise to take him to the pool that very instant. It took some coersion to get him into a life jacket.

It never was hotter in the water.

A bunch of cuties just floatin' around

Tyler, Ethan & Kale get ready to ride the Water Rocket.

Ethan & Cynthia (SEEN tee uh) as E would call her.

Brooke and Jean do their part to help with our crayfish hunt
by taking care of the snacks and babies ashore.

You can't do the Gorge without a little Scrabble in the mix!

Dad shows us all a good time in the Malibu

Ethan loved Judd and Jean's four-wheeler, of course!

I love this shot of Brandon. I got a lot of great ones in this series,
but this is the best one.

Muddy buddy.

Speaking of buddies, this is what you get if you're
buddies with Kale - he's quite the mudslinger!

Katie loves attention from kids.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brooke took some beautiful shots of us all in the boats on the way to and from the rope swing at Sheep Creek, and some more awesome shots while we were there.

Brad strikes a pose in his boat on glassy water

We cruise along in Dad's Malibu

A bow-full of bronzed babies

Ben & Tad shiver and enjoy

Breezy makes a graceful leap

Here are Brooke's great action shots of the guys on the rope swing at Sheep Creek Canyon at Flaming Gorge. I posted a shot of each different guy in progressive shots to tell the story...

Judd starts the climb

Brad scales the rocks

They've reached the jumpin' off place

Tad gets hold of the rope

Brad makes a powerful launch

Tad starts the downswing.

Judd swings wide

Alan lets go for the money shot of the day, in my opinion -
and among these, that's saying something!

Judd on his way out

Tad makes a splash

Katie loves to fly in the sky.

Crawdad fishin' on the rocks - nobody wants to miss out on that!

The kids wind down around the fire as the sun sets.