Friday, October 24, 2008

I think we rode just about every ride they have!
Ethan loved Big Thunder Mountain in the daytime - put his hands up a lot and then wouldn't want to get off. In the night it was a little different. A little too scary in the dark!
The kid in the orange is Tad's cousin, Jake.

Katie was an angel for the whole trip. Only complained when she had a legitimate reason.

I wasn't quite right after the Teacup ride. Whoowaahh!

The new Nemo ride is amazing. I just wish they hadn't put
the angler fish in it, those are dang scary!
Ethan was loving it until that part!
Too many of the kid rides have really disturbing elements in them.

You can't see him, but E is on the Dumbo ride and loving it.

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