Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello, all!

It's been a month, and here I am, finally posting our Halloween pics. We had a great one this year! Ben was Obi Wan Kenobi and Ethan was Lightning McQueen.

Even I dressed up for the first time in eleven years! I splurged, dressing as something I would have as a child if I'd had the budget - a princess! Cinderella, to be specific. I've shopped Cinderella costumes the last two years, thinking it would be fun, but the ones available are NOT true to the Disney Cinderella. Even the official Disney adult costumes really miss the mark. I knew that to do it right, I'd have to have one made. I decided it would be my birthday present - Tad was off the hook for anything else! The costume was sewn by a great seamstress who did Brooke's bridesmaid dresses.

All month, I so looked forward to greeting the little girl trick-or-treaters as Cinderella. It was AWESOME! My one neighbor's little two-year-old was entirely convinced I was the real deal. She told my next-door neighbor that "Cinderelli lives there". She even came back to see me a second time, waving and saying "Goodbye, Cinderelli!" all the way down the driveway. I was asked to pose for pics, and a couple girls studied me intently, making sure I had all the
details right. It was a hoot.
Here are the pics...

And look, glass slippers!

The earrings were a lucky find - I LOVE eBay!

Brooke and Alan were awesome as rednecks. Brooke got EVERY
detail on the money. Notice the sports bra showing at the neckline
of the mumu. And the strangely penciled-on eyebrows, and the
bleach-blonde root grow-out (yikes, sometimes I look like that!),
and the banana clip. She would've been awesome even
without the (real) pregnant belly!

And for the grand finale, Cynthia as the cutest little bumble bee I ever saw......

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Ereksons said...

So cute! Where is Tad?? I just love my little sisters.